The Feels

by The Feels

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released January 8, 2016

Vocals/Synthesis/Guitars/Drums by The Feels
Written/Recorded/Produced by The Feels
Mixed/Vocals recorded by John Harrell
The Feels are Kayla Staley, Alex Melton, and Tyler Bodkins



all rights reserved


The Feels Florence, South Carolina

Debut EP out now!

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Track Name: All Your Faults
I think I'm falling behind here
Not sure what that's all about
We could stop wasting our time here maybe
If I could figure you out

I keep telling you it's not the same
And that can't be all my fault
Even though I say that you're to blame
You are more than all your faults

I won't be changing my mind here
It's been made up from the start
So you could throw me a line here or we
Will drift completely apart

I've been trying to make sense of you
I've been trying, but am I getting through?
I've been trying, what else can I do?
Track Name: Wild
I can't remember when I last caught my breath
Weight of the world is gonna crush me to death
These days are wild and I worry myself sick
You said put a record on, that you'll be home quick

Come pick me up, we'll slow it down
I need a change of scenery let's get out of town
You know how I get, you help me forget
You keep me grounded when the world has got me spinning around

These days are wild

I'm not gonna waste my time with that game when it's all the same
I'm still a mess whenever I hit the wall

These days are wild
Track Name: Nothing To Lose
What are you thinking, what's going on in your head?
Let's not revisit, those things we left unsaid
If I can't forgive, then I'll learn to forget
I can't continue living with regret

After all this time, after all this time
You've got a lot of nerve, coming around here like everything is fine
After all this time

You had something to prove
Left me with nothing to lose
Thought I was down and out but
If you could see me now

What am I thinking, what's going on in my head?
I still remember thinking of the way things could have gone instead
Don't want to remember

You never had time for me, you never had time for anything
You never know what you need, you change your mind so easily
You never had time for me, you never had time for anything
You think I've got what you need, but I don't owe you anything
Track Name: Plans
I'm barely getting by these days
I've never felt so out of place
My time is ticking away
And I haven't been the same since the accident
I'd run away but all my money's spent
Lost my peace of mind I don't know where it went
But I'll be okay

Why should I make plans?
I never know where I'm going
There's always somewhere else to be
My restless heart will be the death of me

I'm barely getting by these days
Been desperate for a change of pace
I'm always looking for my next escape
And I'll never understand how someone's good intent,
Can become so twisted up you can't tell what it meant
Don't know if I'll ever learn to be content
But I'll be okay
Track Name: In The Blue
When I look back to the start I met you out in the sun
Couldn't have known that the best days of our lives had just begun
And in those days we were weightless, could have been carried away
I was naive to believe that life would be forever that way

And I found:
Nothing can stay the same, as I've been getting older
Even the seasons change, and when the world gets colder
I'll be by your side

And you can say what you wanna, I know just what you mean
You were doing all right out on your own, but you're better off with me
And you can go where you wanna, but honey take it from me
You've gotta climb for the clearest view
I'll meet you out in the blue

And on the days that are longer, you'll find me there at the end
And every cut that is carved into your spirit I will mend
And when your fight is diminished, and when your aim isn't true
I'll be there in the crossfire to guide you through

And you'll find:

You can say what you wanna, I'll be out in the blue
You can go where you wanna, I'll be out in the blue
I'll be by your side, and we'll be out in the blue
Track Name: Alive Again
You make me feel alive again
For the very first time in a long time
It's been a long time

I, I don't know how I got here
Took a turn in the wrong direction
You, you're making everything clear
You've changed my perception

You make me feel alive again
You opened my eyes
You are the first light after a long night